Creating a LIVING Oakville with restored nature and a community that is connected to nature

Our vision is to make Oakville a living city with enhanced natural diversity, stronger connections between natural areas, and healthier green spaces. We aim to reconnect people to the natural environment in their neighbourhood and across their community to increase their awareness of the importance of nature and move them to action to protect, enhance and restore Oakville’s natural environment.

Key Objectives:

1. Reconnect people to the natural environment and nature areas

We will achieve this through engaging Oakville citizens, including youth, newcomers, and community groups, in hands-on nature activities to inspire action.

2. Protect water quality in local watersheds

We will achieve this by educating residents on the value of green infrastructure and low impact development, and by encouraging the municipal government and residents to take action to improve on-site storm water absorption.

3. Improve connectivity between green spaces and increase conservation set-asides and protection to increase climate change resiliency

We will achieve this by advocating for the protection and expansion of the Natural Heritage System and the Greenbelt in Oakville, encouraging the town to develop an invasive plant management plan and creating a system of biodiversity corridors to connect green spaces throughout Oakville.

4. Increase natural habitat and tree cover on public and private property throughout Oakville

We will achieve this by advocating for the implementation of the Urban Forest Management Plan and facilitating tree stewardship and planting on both public and private property.