About Us

Oakvillegreen is Oakville’s largest residents’ association that has been working successfully for over a decade to protect our environment and promote sustainable planning and urban forest stewardship. Aside from our advocacy work, we also deliver free education programs to schools and youth, and provide tree planting and stewardship programs, workshops and events for volunteers. To learn more about what we’ve been up to, take a look at our history and accomplishments.

We also keep our members and friends up to date on the local municipal and regional issues that impact your life. We invite you to add your name to our email list so we can keep you updated about issues and events. Join our email list here, or become a member. To get involved in our advocacy work, education programs or tree planting and stewardship, go to our Programs page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Karen Brock, President, at president@oakvillegreen.org or call us at 289-813-1568.