Questions to Ask Your Oakville 2018 Municipal Election Candidates

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Do you know where your election candidates stand on important municipal issues like urban forest funding, supporting public and active transportation, green infrastructure, safe cycling lanes, and climate change action planning?

Here are 5 suggested questions to ask your Ward and Regional council and mayoral candidates:

  1. The town of Oakville has a goal of 40% tree canopy coverage by 2057. According to the town’s forestry survey, the coverage increased by only 1.3% between 2005 and 2015, bringing our current tree canopy cover to 27.8%. How would you ensure Oakville citizens and council members achieve our stated goal?
  2. How would you encourage more people to take public transportation, carpool, walk or cycle to school and work in Oakville?
  3. The town acknowledges that flooding is an increasing problem. Would you support more green infrastructure such as permeable pavement, bioswales, green roofs in large developments and how would you do so?
  4. Are you committed to increasing the number and safety of bike lanes?
  5. Oakville does not have a community-wide climate change action strategy that lays out emission reduction targets and actions our community must take to reduce and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate. The proposed Community Energy Plan (CEP) (presently under development in partnership with Sheridan College) is expected to focus on community emissions reductionsWith this in mind:
    • How will you ensure that community-wide climate change mitigation and adaptation goals, actions, and implementation timelines are developed?
    • How will you deliver adequate funding for full implementation of a community-wide climate action plan?

Ask the Questions, Share Your Responses, and Be Sure To VOTE! #OakvilleVotes