MythBuster Monday! Trees for Small Spaces

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MYTH: Trees are huge! There is no space in my tiny yard for a tree.



Trees don’t have to be huge!

While for many people, the word “tree” calls to mind a soaring, 100ft specimen with branches wider than your torso, the truth is that trees come in all shapes and sizes. This means that there’s a tree for pretty much any space.

Serviceberry trees are perfect for small spaces – notice how even at mature height it doesn’t interfere with the wires above. Photo by Brenna Anstett, LEAF

We understand that your backyard may be on the small side, or maybe you’d like to keep some nice open space so your kids and dogs can run around and tire themselves out. That’s why our Backyard Tree Planting Program offers a wide variety of native species, from small serviceberries and dogwoods (~15ft at maturity) to towering elms that reach 50ft, and everything in between!

Trees don’t have to be big to be beautiful – check out the fall colour of the Pagoda Dogwood! Photo by Brenna Anstett, LEAF

At your yard consultation (included in the price of your tree), a LEAF arborist will listen to your goals and visions for your space, and help you choose a species that meets your needs and is appropriate for your yard conditions.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a tree, then we have a shrub for you! Our program offers beautiful native shrubs that are perfect for small spaces. Plant them to add some colour to your yard, regain some privacy or shade your air conditioner to reduce your cooling costs in the summer.

Even small trees and shrubs can reap big benefits! Trees of all sizes can filter out air pollution, provide a nice patch of shade, store carbon, support native pollinators and birds, mitigate stormwater, and so much more (check out LEAF’s Tree Benefits Estimator)! Plus, they add so much character to a small space. So what are you waiting for? We know you won’t regret adding a little more green to your yard.

See the amazing diversity you can choose from and sign up for the Backyard Tree Planting Program at Questions? Email