Mulch Fest


Registration for Fall 2018 Mulchfest is now closed! We look forward to be seeing you in the spring!

Looking for opportunities to engage your students and get them involved in a stewardship project without leaving your school and with immediate results and impact?

Organize your students to take care of the trees in your school yard!

Mulch helps to conserve water, add nutrients to the soil and discourage weeds.

This is a free event.

Oakvillegreen will provide buckets, shovels, gloves, guidance and all you need for a successful mulching day. The Town of Oakville will provide free mulch for your school.

Our Fall 2018 mulch fest will take place during the week of October 22. Register this fall by following these steps:

1. Name a “Mulchfest Coordinator”.

This person will be our contact and will help coordinate the event.

2. Get everybody involved and spread the word.

Talk to other school staff about mulching. Involve parents and students via school newsletters, or student posters. Recruit parent volunteers to help the day of the event.

3. Select a date.

Oakvillegreen’s next Mulch Fest will happen during the week of October 22. You can pick a day during that week and we will do our best to accommodate your request. To make the process easier on both ends, we ask that you provide two possible dates for your school.

4. Complete the form below to confirm your date and register your group.

Fill out the form here. We will be in touch to confirm your date and provide you with a “Mulchfest Package” with further information, curriculum connections and best practices for mulching.

Spread the word and spread the mulch! Share a photo of your Mulch Fest group or completed mulching work.

Share your Mulch Fest group photo or a photo of your completed mulching work with Oakvillegreen using the hashtag #mulchfest via Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for your interest in Oakvillegreen’s Mulch Fest!

If you have any questions send us an email at programs@oakvillegreen.orguntitled-infographic-conflict-copy_block_2


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