Oakville Backyard Tree Planting Program

The Oakville Backyard Tree Planting Program supports property owners to plant trees and improve the urban forest in Oakville. 

“Thank you for planting our lovely new trees and shrubs! They look wonderful – we look forward to watching them grow!” – Larissa, Oakville

Oakvillegreen launched the Oakville BYTP program with LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) in September 2017.

Oakville applicants met with an arborist to discuss their tree planting options and choose native trees or shrubs for their backyard, multi-unit or business property. Trees were delivered and planted by knowledgeable staff at a subsidized price. By consulting with homeowners, LEAF arborists could understand property owners’ preferences and suggest native species that were best suited to the yard’s soil, light, and moisture conditions and the amount of space available. The program ensured that trees planted would thrive for many years to come and contribute to a bigger and better urban forest in Oakville.

More than 200 trees and shrubs were sold and planted across Oakville through the program! Interacting with homeowners to educate them about tree care and planting the right tree in the right place were key ingredients to the program’s success.

Check out the Oakville Backyard Tree Planting Program’s success and reach across Oakville. The trees planted through this program will sequester 490,000 kgs of CO2 over their expected lifetime! (LEAF, 2018)




Over half of the ‘plantable land’ in Oakville is private property, therefore a program to support residents to plant trees is necessary if we are to reach Oakville’s 40% urban forest canopy cover target and increase our town’s environmental health.

At this time, the Oakville Backyard Tree Planting Program is not accepting applications. Oakvillegreen is seeking community sponsors to fund this program so that we can continue delivering this great service.

Please contact programs@oakvillegreen.org to learn how you can support this program.

The Oakville Backyard Tree Planting Program was generously supported in 2017 and 2018 by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Town of Oakville:


LEAF trees ready for planting

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