We’ve been involved in advocacy for improved urban forest management, Ontario Greenbelt issues, climate change action, enhanced environmental rights, and sustainable development. Check out the links below for more information on these issues.

Urban Forest Management:

Read Oakvillegreen’s submission regarding the Private Tree By-Law Review

Proposed improvements to Oakville’s Private Tree By-Law (October 2016)

Trees with a DBH (diameter at breast height) larger than 15cm now require a permit for removal under the private tree bylaw.

Invasive Species and Oakville’s Urban Forest: Cause for Concern

Updated Private Tree Protection Bylaw for Oakville (May 3, 2017)

Town of Oakville Mayor Announces Enhanced Support for Tree Planting


Ontario Greenbelt Issues & Changes:

Greenbelt: 2015 Coordinated Land Use Review

Read Oakvillegreen’s Greenbelt review comments

Oakville Matters (April 2016): The Greenbelt-What’s Next?


Climate Change Action:

Urban Climate Alliance Support for Provincial Climate Plan

City Climate Plan Report Card 2018

“Pass (on) the Salt”?: Salt Management in Oakville

Cap and Trade Withdrawal Threatens to Derail Municipal Climate Action

Fall 2018 Provincial Climate Change Plan Update

Glen Abbey golf course, now threatened by development. Photo by Whpq – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


Enhancing Environmental Rights:

Golden Horseshoe Six Encourages Province to Strengthen EBR 

Fix the OMB!

Questions to Ask Your Oakville 2018 Municipal Election Candidates



The Future of the Merton Lands and Saw Whet & Glen Abbey golf courses:

Merton Planning Study OPA Public Meeting Report (March 24, 2014)

Saw Whet golf course update (April 2015)

Town of Oakville Press Release November 15, 2016 Re: Settlement Reached in OMB Case with Bronte Green Development

Oakvillegreen Press Release – Saw Whet: A Bad Outcome from a Flawed Process (November 16, 2016)

Town of Oakville Settlement Could Bring 1000+ Residential Units to Saw Whet Property (Source:, November 16, 2016)

Information on Glen Abbey Golf Course (2017)

Oakvillegreen Blog Post: Saving Glen Abbey From Development (2017)


Harbours Master Plan:

Public Consultation

Oakville Matters (June 2016): Harbours Master Plan