Zigzag Goldenrod – Solidago flexicaulis

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Want to add easy-to-grow native plants that benefit local birds, bees, butterflies and other biodiversity to your garden?

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Zigzag Goldenrod – Solidago flexicaulis

A Halton Pollinator Plant Profile

Zigzag goldenrod is a perennial in the Aster family.

Habitat preferences:

Part sun to shade

Prefers sandy-loam but tolerates clay

Moderate to dry

Height: 1-3ft

Spread: 1-3ft

Flowers: Clusters of small golden-yellow flowers bloom in
July-September at the top of the stem and in the axils of the leaves

Small brown seeds are attached to a tuft of hair to aid in wind dispersal. Seeds mature in mid/late fall and are consumed by birds.

Dark green, oval-shaped leaves have coarse teeth and taper to a point.

Value to Pollinators: Provides both nectar and pollen to pollinators including beetles, flies, wasps and bees, some of which are Solidago specialists. It is a larval host plant for a few moth species, including the Bilobed Dichomeris, Brown Hooded Owlet and Twirler Moth.

Fun Fact: Zig-zag goldenrod is named for its distinctive zigzagging stem.