Winter Outdoor Fun

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As parents we are often bombarded with different studies and articles that express the importance of physical activity and outdoor time for kids of all ages; but as the winter arrives, just like many other species we tend to “hibernate”.  Here are some fun winter activities for the whole family, just bundle up and enjoy the chilly weather.

Track Hunt

Go for a hike and explore the areas around your home, parks and woodland areas. Find out who else shares that space with you and your neighbours!  You can find more tips and resources on how to identify tracks and animal patterns here.


This will for sure bring hours of entertainment for the whole family. Just find a good hill and let the fun begin.  Make sure to wear the appropiate safety gear.

Building with Snow

Build a snowman, a snow fort or a quinzhee.

Snow Painting

All you need is cold water, food coloring and spray bottles. Mix a few drops of food coloring with the cold water and use the spray bottles to create master pieces in the snow. Pick different colors, mix them and let your inner artist flourish.

Snow fight

Every body can join a snow fight.  On super cold days, snow tends to be too light and airy, try lying down on the snow to heat it up and then pack the snow into a ball.  Avoid injuries by making sure the snow isn’t too icy.

Winter sports

You can always enjoy the wide variety of winter sports that are available in southern Ontario like snowshoeing, down hill skiing, cross country skiing, ice skating, and even ice fishing!

Happy Trails!