Volunteers plant trees for the future!

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Our community tree planting on September 28th at Arbourview Park was a great success! Not only we planted close to 200 native trees but this time, it was amazing to see a huge number of youth volunteers representing 12 or more Oakville schools. We loved seeing new and familiar faces and felt hopeful and inspired by young volunteers willing to make a difference! We are thankful to the Town of Oakville for their continued support!

Monika is in grade 6 at Oodenawi Public School. She first heard about the tree planting event during the Oakvillegreen biodiversity presentation and nature walk earlier in September. She decided to take action and bring her whole family to help and increase the tree canopy in the town they live. Monika knew already so much about the benefits of planting native trees and the threats that invasives are posing to our urban forest. Way to go!



In the spring we had the pleasure of leading a tree walk and starting red oak trees from seeds with members of an Oakville youth hockey team and their families! The team’s coach Adam Jezewski thought it would be a great idea for the boys to grow stronger as a team not only by the sport that united them but also by doing something in the community that contributes to a better and greener future. His son Nolan embraced the idea and took ownership of the project. Nolan looked after the oak seedlings over the summer and joined us along with his family at the community planting.


Maria and Bryan Bennell have hardly missed any of our planting events in the past few years. Always enthusiastic, hard-working and a beautiful example of a great family team effort! Maria has earned many community volunteer hours a way before even getting into high school. Bryan has already helped in other capacities, such as gathering information and stats about our urban trees. The Bennel family are very active in their community and are to be seen often walking and cycling as a mode of daily commuting to school and work.


Noah is a student at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School. He volunteered his Saturday morning and helped us set up, plant and clean up after the event. We enjoyed meeting him and were grateful for all his hard work. Volunteers are a life force of our communities’ well-being and we feel fortunate to have the opportunity and work with so many who have decided to dedicate their time towards a greener Oakville.




Julie Kelly is a science teacher and eco lead at Abbey Park High School. She has been very supportive of Oakvillegreen’s initiatives and always engaging students in eco-learning and action. The eco-club at the school has one of the highest enrollments among our Oakville secondary schools. Thanks to Ms. Kelly’s continuous support and students’ commitment, we are happy to see members of the school eco-team at all our tree planting events.



Oakvillegreen board members Stephanie Bush and Alex Jones came with members of their families and worked tirelessly to allow these beautiful native trees to go in the ground.

There were many other volunteers, from all ages, different schools, and various professional background. We all had one thing in COMMON – the realization that planting trees is a vital step in fighting climate change and in supporting healthier green spaces in Oakville! Thank you for joining us, we look forward to planting again with you in the spring of 2020!


Please, consider sponsoring a tree here, no contribution is too small. Together, we make a difference!