TreeKeepers Update #7

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2 Corporate groups, and 1 public garlic mustard pull – it has been a busy week!

Friday June 24th: A group of 6 from Ford Credit Canada joined us for their Corporate Greening Day! The group participated in invasive species removal and removed an amazing 1o garbage bags full of garlic mustard and some buckthorn. Parkway 2 (near Bayshire Woods) is looking good!


Saturday June 25th: Oakvillegreen and Bronte Village Residents Association held a public garlic mustard pull at Bronte Bluffs Park. The park is overrun with garlic mustard and needs some TLC to let more native species thrive. 10 garbage bags of garlic mustard were removed.

Bronte Bluffs - TreeKeepers
Some of our youngest #OakvilleTreeKeepers

Monday June 27th: We were back at Bronte Bluffs Park for more garlic mustard removal. This time with the fine folks from AmerisourceBergen. They removed a whopping 25 garbage bags full of garlic mustard!


Oakvillegreen’s Corporate Greening Days are a great way to get your team outside! You’ll learn about Oakville’s urban forest and its challenges. Your group will also make a difference to Oakville’s environment by removing invasive species or planting trees. For more info visit our Corporate Greening Day page or email

Do you have garlic mustard on your property? Here are some tips for how to remove it:

  • Hand pull plants by pulling from as close to the ground as possible

    Garlic mustard at Bronte Bluffs Park is almost as tall as our Urban Forest Stewardship Coordinator.
  • Place pulled plants in garbage bags for disposal and tie shut. Why not yard waste bags or compost? Because garlic mustard can still seed even after it has been pulled so composting it will transport its seeds… it basically can come back from the dead.
  • After placing in garbage bags leave the sun for a couple days, then it’ll be ready to be disposed of.

If you’re interested in learning more about garlic mustard and other invasive species Oakvillegreen and P.O.W.E.R (Protect Our Water and Environmental Resources) are hosting an invasive species workshop on July 16th. For more info you can visit the event page or email