TreeKeepers Update #12

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A tough life for trees this summer

Drought! This summer has been particularly hot and dry so make sure trees on your property and in your neighbourhood are getting enough to drink!

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Mechanical damage from lawn maintenance harms young trees and can leave scars. To learn more about how mediate the impacts of mechanical damage to trees come out to our public mulching event at River Oaks Community Church. Mulching may be not be the most glamorous form of stewardship but it can make a BIG difference to these trees that have been damaged by lawn mowers. To RSVP email

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Invasive species appear to be doing well everywhere! They tend to out-compete our native plants, making the lives of our native plants all the more difficult. The photos below, from left to right, show garlic mustard, Japanese knotweed, and buckthorn – 3 of the top invasive plants in Oakville. Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is another invasive species. It has been killing ash trees throughout souther Ontario for a number of years.

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Japanese knotweed 3

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Some folks like to dump yard waste into Oakville’s greenspaces. Instead, try composting yard waste and chipping branches and tree limbs to use as mulch.

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