Oakville Ready for Rain ~ Raingardens for All!

Because we care about protecting water quality, preventing flooding, and enhancing biodiversity, we are building and planting raingardens in Oakville!

In the coming year, thanks to funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and in partnership with RAIN Community Solutions, four new raingardens will be installed in Oakville.

Absorbs water, filters pollutants and provides habitat for wildlife

What is a raingarden?

Raingardens are landscaped garden beds that will soak up rainwater runoff from the roof of a house or other hard surface like a driveway. The rainwater is absorbed into the soil instead of flowing into a storm drain that empties into our local creeks. Raingardens are planted with wildflowers or other native plants and shrubs that provide habitat for birds and insects.  A raingarden is not a pond! A raingarden holds water for only a short time, and drains within 24 hours.




Rain water can be directed to feed the garden instead of getting into the storm drain


Why raingardens in Oakville?

Raingardens are ‘low impact development’ stormwater management tools that reduce stormwater runoff in our neighbourhoods, keep pollution out of our creeks, lakes and groundwater, and make our community more resilient to heavy rains and climate change impacts.




Rain gardens absorb rainwater, so they can help:

  • recharge our groundwater
  • protect neighbourhoods from flooding and drainage problems
  • keep our creeks and lakes clean by reducing the amount of polluted stormwater that goes into streams from storm drains
  • provide habitat for birds, butterflies and insects
  • increase our community’s resilience to climate change impacts

Did you know?

  • 40% Oakville is impervious surface area, including parking lots, buildings, roadways, and driveways.
  • With our climate changing, we are expecting increased rainfall volumes and increased frequency and severity of storm events, resulting in increased rates of surface water runoff. A 12% increase in precipitation has already been documented over the last 50 years in Oakville (Town of Oakville, 2014).
  • More than 70% of pollutants that enter the Great Lakes enter through stormwater run off (US EPA).
  • Stream channel erosion and channel bank scouring resulting from increased urban storm water volumes put infrastructure and property at risk (Town of Oakville, 2011).

At this time, we are looking for gardeners that want to host a subsidized raingarden on their property!

To sign up and learn more:

Step 1: Determine if you meet our site and host pre-screening criteria:

  • Site must be located within the Town of Oakville
  • Site must be visible and accessible (ie. front yards, high traffic areas)
  • Site has experienced drainage issues and/or flooding
  • Raingarden will capture rainwater from a downspout or other hard surface
  • Raingarden will be located at least 3m (10ft) from the house on a gentle slope
  • Raingarden plants and filtration functions will be maintained by host
  • Host will make contributions to offset raingarden costs (in-kind or financial)
  • Host will share their story and experiences and encourage visitors

Please note: Other site specific conditions for a successful raingarden demonstration site will be considered at an in-person site visit with our design consultant, including: land grading, soil infiltration, access for excavation, existing trees and vegetation, sun exposure, & total drainage area required.

Step 2. Contact us!

Not a property owner, or not sure if you meet the criteria but still want to learn more, please contact us!

Thank you for helping us create a greener community and keeping our creeks clean one rain garden at time! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at 289-813-1568.

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