Thanks to our Great Garden Stewards!

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We’d like to say thank you to our great garden stewards who took care of our pollinator gardens at Glen Abbey Community Centre and Oak Park this summer. Thanks to their love and care, the gardens looked beautiful all season long and were enjoyed be people and pollinators alike!

Our volunteer garden stewards were responsible for doing regular check-ups on the garden. Their duties included weeding, watering, litter pick-up, taking photos and just generally keeping an eye on things.

Edric took care of Glen Abbey Garden, while Jacob, Maisie, Emily, Wendy, Mary and her family took care of the new Butterfly Wing Garden at Oak Park. They all did an amazing job even through those very hot, very dry weeks when new plants needed to be watered almost daily!

Wild columbine at Glen Abbey Garden.
Wild bergamot (or bee balm) at Glen Abbey Garden
Butterfly milkweed at Glen Abbey Garden
Lobelia at Glen Abbey Garden








The happy plants gave us plenty to look at, with new blooms every week. At Glen Abbey, wild columbine gave way to wild bergamot and butterfly milkweed, then asters and lobelias. At Oak Park, our very tiny, very new plants became bushier and bushier every week, filling in their new space. Even in its first season, the pale purple coneflower and yellow giant hyssop have already bloomed, and more flowers look to be on their way!


Butterfly Wing Garden at Oak Park, right after it was planted at the end of June.
Look how it’s grown! This is Butterfly Wing Garden in August, not even 2 months after it was planted.

If you haven’t checked out one of our demo gardens yet, be sure to stop by! They are beautiful in every season. The Glen Abbey Garden is located right beside the main entrance of Glen Abbey Community Centre at 1415 Third Line. Butterfly Wing Garden is located at Oak Park right next to the Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House at 2545 Sixth Line.

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