Thanks for making OCAYS’ first year a huge success!

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We just finished the first year of our Oakvillegreen Youth Stewards (OCAYS) and we couldn’t be happier and more proud!

More than 160 youth helped to increase biodiversity and awareness of the natural world. Thanks to our collaborators we were able to offer a wide variety of activities in the environmental field.  Our OCAYS participated in activities like tree planting, invasive species removal, salamander monitoring, bird banding, tree ID, invasive species early detection programs, pollinator workshops, solitary beebox building, job shadowing and more.

We at Oakvillegreen believe that engaging youth, and encouraging them to make a difference themselves, plays a key role in cementing the drive for protecting our environment in future generations. We thank all who participated, as well as the Trillium Foundation and our community partners, for enabling us be part of something bigger than the individual. We truly do appreciate it.

Good luck with your exams and stay tuned! We are already planning a great 2017-2018 season!