Reporting Invasive Species

Resources for Reporting Invasive Species

We need your help! Managing invasive species requires monitoring! Citizen scientist information helps to track where invasive species are occurring, how many there are and where they are spreading to. If you spot an invasive species, please report it through one of the following channels.

EDDMapS: EDDMapS is an acronym for Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System. This is an online resource for both mapping and reporting invasive species. With a handy smartphone application and a desktop website EDDMapS is a great way to learn how to report invasive species in your community. Visit:

Find the App here:

Find step-by-step instructions for using EDDMapS on our blog, HERE.

Invading Species Hotline: 1-800-563-7711 Call the Invading Species Awareness Program hotline to report an invasive species or for more information on invasive species.

Town of Oakville: Help support the Town of Oakville’s efforts to manage invasive species by reporting invasive species and issues caused by invasive species.

Service Oakville contact info:

Phone: 905 845 6601


Conservation Halton: Report priority invasive species in Conservation Halton’s watershed.

Invasive Species Reporting Form

Other Resources:

Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) Network Ontario: For training on early detection of new invasive species in order to prevent invasives becoming established visit:

Ontario Invasive Plant Council: To learn more about best management practices, how to identify common invasive species and how to report invasive species visit:

Please note that the invasive species information provided on this page is provided for informational purposes only. Please consult the Invading Species Awareness Program or Ontario Invasive Plant Council for more detailed information and be sure to obtain necessary permissions from private property owners and to investigate and adhere to all applicable laws, bylaws and up-to-date management guides before undertaking any invasive species management activities.

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