Oakvillegreen Youth Stewards

If you are a High School student looking for opportunities to learn and volunteer, join Oakvillegreen Youth Stewards today!

Check our events for opportunities!


This is a great opportunity for youth interested in helping to plan, develop and implement restoration and monitoring projects in their community. Join now! Complete the application form here.

Oakvillegreen is launching a year long program to involve youth in the environmental world in a relaxed and fun environment.

Oakvillegreen Youth Stewards will have the opportunity to gain hands-on environmental experiences, participate in skill-building workshops and activities, and meet environmental professionals while acquiring volunteer hours. Participants will also meet like-minded youth and have fun!

Participants will get a certificate upon completion of the program with the number of hours completed.

Who can join?

Youth between the ages of 13 and 18.

Why should I join?

You will get the opportunity to:

Participate in skill-building workshops and activities.

Connect with other students and professionals in the environmental sector.

Build on your resume.

Complete your volunteer hours.

How can I get my certificate?

-Attend at least 3 workshops or meetings throughout the year

-Participate in at least 3 stewardship events

-Promote information about Oakvillegreen’s projects and volunteer opportunities

-Act as community leaders in your schools and community

What type of activities are we participating in?

You will have the chance to participate in:

Salamander and frog monitoring (with Ontario Nature, we will be monitoring amphibians in March, April, May and June at Glen Abbey Community Centre and McCraney Creek, stayed tuned for specific dates)

Collecting and starting native seeds to help pollinators (with experts from York University)

Hemlock Woolly adelgid monitoring (Using a slingshot let’s monitor this invasive species with Ontario Invasive Plant Council, February 25th, from 10am-1pm)

Tree ID and inventory (Identify trees without leaves on March 25th, from 2pm to 4pm)

-Invasive species removal and tree planting.

And more activities to be determined.