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Care about trees in your local greenspace or woodland? Want to help your neighbours plant more trees? Become an Oakville TreeKeeper today!

The Oakville TreeKeepers program provides free trees, invasive species removal help, stewardship training, and fun community events to bring your neighbours together.

Join us! We are looking for our next crop of Oakville TreeKeepers! Oakville TreeKeepers carry out on-the-ground stewardship activities to improve the health of trees and woodlands in their neighbourhoods.

Launched in 2016, our Oakville TreeKeepers program has seen over 500 volunteers chip in to restore their local woodland patches and help their urban trees. Oakvillegreen has worked with TreeKeepers at 9 sites, including: Bronte Bluffs, Shell Park, Langtry Park, Glen Oak Trail, Munn’s Creek, Perkins Passage, Pelee Woods, the Parkway, and Lions Valley Park.

In 2018, we’re looking for TreeKeepers to continue work at these sites and are seeking to add even more stewardship locations. We will also be hosting more workshops in 2018 for our TreeKeepers on topics including invasive species monitoring, urban trees and tree care, and pollinator gardens.

Current workshops and training opportunities:

How to Plant a Pollinator Patch Workshop Series: In this 2-day workshop series, you’ll learn about native bees, how to make your backyard more pollinator friendly, and how to prep, design, plant and maintain a pollinator patch! Plus, you can use you new knowledge to provide input on the design Oakvillegreen’s new patch! Check out our events page for more details and to register.

We’re very excited to be offering TREE TENDERS VOLUNTEER TRAINING in Oakville this spring! This multi-day course is open to anyone interested in trees, urban forestry and/or environmental stewardship – no previous knowledge or experience needed! Learn the basics of trees from expert instructors, connect with other tree lovers and be inspired to become an urban forest leader in your community! For more details and to register, CLICK HERE.

Check out: Oakville TreeKeepers Frequently Asked Questions

To join, email us at programs@oakvillegreen.org or call us at: 289-813-1568 and tell us which urban forest patch, woodland or trees you care about most.

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To RSVP for TreeKeepers events email programs@oakvillegreen.org


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