Pollinator Garden Kit Design Suggestions

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Sean James and his team at Fern Ridge Landscaping have created a sample pollinator garden planting design incorporating some of the species found in our Pollinator Garden Kits. Please use these designs for our small or larger kits to inspire your pollinator plantings this spring! (Click on the image below to see a larger version).

Oakvillegreen Pollinator Project

This designs should inspire you if you’ve bought one of our Pollinator Garden Kits and are wondering how to arrange your plants, or if you are still on the fence and trying to imagine what a pollinator garden will look like.  We can’t wait to see how you plant your pollinator gardens and how you incorporate the kit plants into your existing landscaping!

Please also check out this PDF for some very useful tips on installing and caring for your pollinator garden, also from Fern Ridge. A full list of species included in these designs can be found here (note: there are some substitutions from species that will be found in our kits).

Thanks Sean, Mike and the rest of the Fern Ridge team for helping Oakville pollinators!