Volunteer with Us & Make Every Day Earth Day !

Despite the snow today, our spring programs and plantings are coming up quickly. Sign up today to volunteer with us for a hour, or a day, or the season!


Pollinator Kit Assembly & Distribution:

Oakvillegreen’s pollinator kits and native trees are arriving soon! We will be sorting and distributing hundreds of native plants at the Town of Oakville greenhouses on Cornwall Road on May 8th from 10am-2pm and May 9th from 9am-12noon. Both dates require some volunteers willing to get a little dirty and learn a whole lot about native plants!

Pollinator Garden Stewards:

We are looking for a few keen and committed volunteers to help maintain and check up on our Pop-up Pollinator Demonstration Garden at Glen Abbey Community Centre. This new garden will be planted on May 10th beginning at 10am. We’d like our Garden Stewards to take a once-a-week walk around and do some garden tidy up and let us know of any issues. Throughout the summer we may organize a bigger edging party or a fall clean up but for the moment, we need a few volunteers to be our eyes on the garden at least once a week. Please let us know if you are available to be a Garden Steward!

Tree Planting Volunteer:

Moving shovels, wheelbarrows and preparing a planting area before eager tree planters arrive to plant trees is a big job! We are searching for a tree planting volunteer for tree planting on April 24th at 1pm at Beechnut Woods, May 3rd at 2pm at Woodgate Woods and May 30th at 10 am at Clearview Park. The tree planting volunteer will coordinate with our Tree and Education Program coordinator to assist with putting up directional signs, unloading equipment, and preparing plants and would guide volunteers on how and where to plant trees and shrubs.


On May 23rd we are looking for volunteers for various roles from 5:30am to 1pm! Our giant garage sale is our biggest fundraiser and a great community event. If you are an early bird, we need a volunteer at 5:30 am to help mark the Town Hall parking lot with chalk to demarcate vendor spots. If you have roller blades or ride a skateboard this is just the job for you! It goes a lot faster if you have wheels! We also need a happy, shiny person to sell coffee from 7 am (until it runs out – usually 10 am!) We need several more volunteers to check vendors in at 8 am or assist our M&M BBQ Master with giving change and keeping the BBQ line moving well.


Finally, we need a volunteer with a vehicle (they don’t mind getting a bit of soil spilled in) to help us move pollinator plants to several school gardens we are organizing. Any and all help moving plants is greatly appreciated and repaid with smiles and cheers by students and teachers at the other end!

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities please fill out our volunteer application form and let us know when you are available.

Email Giuliana at ed@oakvillegreen.org if you have any questions or would like to chat about any of these opportunities!

Saw Whet Update


SawWhet April14   DSC03487 copy

Thank you for writing to share your concerns about the future of Saw Whet golf course with the Mayor and Council over the past few weeks. Last week Council passed two important resolutions moving us closer to significantly protecting the Merton Lands. The first motion directs legal counsel to “attend the OMB proceedings to oppose the applications as being premature and not in the public interest using an evidentiary based approach“. The second motion directs staff to “schedule a public meeting as soon as possible to consider an Official Plan amendment which would designate the publicly owned lands in the Merton Study area with the appropriate natural heritage designation, thereby ensuring that the Town does not lose the opportunity afforded by the ten year review of the Greenbelt Plan.”

A Provincial Town Hall consultation meeting about the Greenbelt Plan and related provincial plans is happening this Wednesday April 22, 2015 at Milton Banquet Hall – 3090 Steeles Ave. W. from 6pm-9pm. Another meeting is planned for Oakville but so far no date has been set. More details about the co-ordinated land use planning review can be found at the website of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Stay tuned for updates from us about how you can participate in this consultation process. 

Thanks also to the over 600 residents who came out last Tuesday night to a community meeting to learn how they could voice their concerns about the future of the Saw Whet Golf Course lands.

Speakers included the Mary Elizabeth Carley, the daughter of George and Janet Atkins, who grew up on the farmland around Saw Whet. The Bronte Oak was once in her front yard!

Shaniah Leduc, VP of the Fourteen Mile Creek Residents’ Association, emphasized that it’s not a done deal yet and encouraged folks to come forward at the OMB.

Oakvillegreen’s President, Karen Brock, spoke about the environmentally sensitive features in the area and their uniqueness in an urban setting, and outlined concerns about impacts that development can have on Fourteen Mile Creek and the valley land’s habitat and inhabitants.

Councillors Allan Elgar & Roger Lapworth MC’d throughout the evening. Mayor Burton fielded numerous questions from the audience. Linda Elgar, Renee Sandalowsky & Iris McGee worked hard to ensure the meeting was well organized and well attended. 

Those who feel that that the proposed development is not in the best interest of the community are encouraged to present this view to the OMB by registering on May 1st at 10 am at the Town Hall pre-hearing to be “participants” at the October hearing. 



Help us Build a Pop-Up Pollinator Demonstration Garden!

Future Home of Oakvillegreen Pop-Up Pollinator Garden!

We are building a Pop-up Pollinator Demonstration Garden just outside the main entrance of Glen Abbey Community Centre this spring! 

We will be transforming a grassy boulevard into a thriving pollinator garden, demonstrating that even a small patch of earth can become an ecologically diverse habitat which supports pollinators and brings the community together to make our Town healthier and greener. Oakvillegreen’s Pop-up Pollinator Demonstration Garden has been developed in partnership with the Town of Oakville and will be maintained by volunteer garden stewards.

Monarch population declines and honey bee losses in recent years are startling! Rather than feeling overwhelmed with all the bad news about pollinators, we hope you will be inspired by our demonstration garden to take action on your own property. Plant native shrubs and flowers that are beneficial for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. 

The Pop-up Pollinator Demonstration Garden will be planted on May 10th beginning at 10 am. If you are interested in volunteering to plant and maintain the garden, please complete our volunteer registration form.

If you can’t help plant our garden, you can still support the project when you shop at Whole Foods!

For the months of April, May and June, when you bring a reusable bag to Whole Foods in Oakville you can choose to donate your 10 cent per bag refund to Oakvillegreen to help our garden grow! 

Join us in the store this Saturday April 18th from 12-2pm for a “Party for the Pollinators” and learn more about native plants and pollinators in Oakville! 

More on Whole Foods Pollinator programs here.

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