OPPOSE proposal by Nelson/Lafarge to blast 124 acre hole in the Escarpment ( Unesco World Biosphere Site) in Burlington

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From our friends at PERL (Protect Escarpment Rural Lands)
Oakvillegreen stands in support of PERL and CORE Burlington www.coreburlington.com

Please write to the City of Burlington before August 21st, 2020. (contact info below)
Dear Lovers of the Niagara Escarpment,

PERL is again having to oppose a new attempt by Nelson / Lafarge Aggregate to open up two new below-the-water-table quarries on the Mount Nemo Plateau in Burlington, on some of the same lands that was Denied in 2012 by the Consolidated Joint Board, because of unacceptable ecological risks. Also, recall that the last 2004 Nelson Aggregate application was voted down by the NEC, Halton Region, City of Burlington, and Conservation Halton.
The Niagara Escarpment can not be subjected to yet more open-pit mining, with already over 40 licensed quarries in its ecologically sensitive backbone. The environmental carnage to our most sensitive natural heritage treasures has to stop. There already are 25 licensed pits & quarries within 50 km of Burlington. Halton Region alone has 22 active pits & quarries, extracting ~7 million tonnes of aggregate per year, one of the largest aggregate mining Municipalities in Ontario. With an estimated 50 years of licensed aggregate supply in Ontario, we don’t need another quarry.
We are still reviewing the 19 Nelson Aggregate reports / studies, and have yet to hire technical peer review Experts. Thus far we have major concerns with groundwater quality and supply, species at risk, air quality & dust, surface water quality and supply, final rehabilitation, importation of construction waste fill, loss of more prime agricultural lands, heavy truck safety and speeds, blasting, and noise.
We are asking that you, your organization, write letters of opposition. Hundreds expressed their opposition to mining out the Niagara Escarpment last time. We are counting on you again.

We ask that send you send your written input opposing the new Nelson Aggregate Quarry application by August 21st to:

Department of Community Planning, City of Burlington

P.O. Box 5013, 426 Brant St.
Burlington, ON L7R 3Z6
Attn: Brynn Nheiley
Phone: 905 335 7642
Email: Brynn.Nheiley@burlington.ca

PLEASE copy us on your email so that we may keep track of the submissions for a likely future Consolidated Joint Board appeals process at rjgoulet1@gmail.com

Please see the attached document for the official City of Burlington notice.

Thank you, be well.

Roger Goulet

PERL Executive Director