Oakvillegreen’s spring mulch fest

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Oakvillegreen’s spring mulch fest was a success!

During the week of June 12, Oakvillegreen hosted our spring #mulchfest!  Approximately, 57 cubic  yards of mulch supplied by the Town of Oakville were spread around trees, shrubs and gardens at 10 schools in Oakville.

Mulchfest aims to engage students in tree stewardship, and protection, while participating in a fun and healthy eco-activity in the outdoors.

Mulch improves the soil quality around plants, inhibits weeds, holds moisture and moderates soil-temperature fluctuations, helps keep plant roots cool and encourages beneficial soil organisms.

The Town supplied wood chips from cut down trees (dead ash trees, twigs and branches from pruning woody plants, etc.) as a mulch material encouraging a sustainable way of reusing organic matter.