Oakvillegreen’s mulch fest is back!

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Oakvillegreen’s #mulchfest happened again this fall! During the last week of October, more than 20 cubic yards of mulch supplied by the Town of Oakville were spread around trees, shrubs and gardens at 10 schools in Oakville.

Students of all ages participated in the event.  Best of all, students were engaged in a fun and healthy eco-activity in the outdoors, while helping to improve the soil quality around plants and giving them a better chance to survive the winter.

Mulch – wood chips, bark etc. – placed on the surface of soil helps soil retain moisture in summer, suppress weeds, improve soil texture, protect plant roots in extreme temperatures and encourage beneficial soil organisms. The Town supplied wood chips from cut down trees (dead trees, twigs and branches from pruning woody plants, etc.) as a mulch material encouraging a sustainable way of reusing organic matter.

This year Whole Foods in Oakville has donated two cash schoolyard greening prizes through their One-Dime-at-a-Time program to schools that enter a draw by posting pictures of the event on social media. Stay tuned for details about our fall #mulchfest prize draw winners!

Thanks to all our teacher, student and parent volunteers for helping Oakvillegreen mulch every school tree in Oakville and helping to protect the environment. Thanks also to the Town of Oakville for delivering all that mulch!

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