Wanted: letters to oppose Nelson Quarry Application: Deadline Dec 14, 20

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Join us for a free VIRTUAL lunch and learn:
Learn what you can do NOW to help stop Nelson Aggregate’s Quarry application to blow a 124 acre hole in Burlington’s Niagara Escarpment: an UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.
Thursday, December 3rd 12-1 pm

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Webinar presented by: Gord Pinard, President, CORE Burlington


Don’t let the Zombie Quarry Stalk our Escarpment 

Time sensitive: CALL to ACTION Deadline Dec 14, 2020

Your letters are key: After watching this webinar, you will be motivated to send a LETTER!

SPEAK UP to protect the Niagara Escarpment. We want to flood the Province with letters in order to battle this “rock giant” who has already made a destructive 500 acre hole in Mount Nemo. Nelson has been mining for 70 years at this location and it’s time for them to STOP so that we can protect farmland, sensitive ecosystems and our water and air quality.

GO to CORE Burlington’s website for details for an Easy to Submit letter:



Oakvillegreen’s Letter to the Province:

Please accept this letter on behalf of our environmental organization, Oakvillegreen Conservation Association.

Our organization is strongly opposed to the Nelson / Lafarge application to blast 2 new open pit quarries in the Niagara Escarpment at Mount Nemo in North Burlington.

As an environmental organization, we educate the need for protection of our forests, meadows, wetlands and waterways to preserve connected natural ecosystems that are inhabited by Carolinian flora and fauna.

We actively involve residents in appreciation of our area’s natural assets. Annually, hundreds participate in treeplanting and habitat restoration projects that we co-ordinate with the Town of Oakville and Conservation Halton.

Although we are based in Oakville, we work alongside countless community partners to act to protect and restore biodiversity.

Many of our members and supporters moved to Halton to have access to the spectacular hiking, walking and cycling features of the escarpment and natural rural lands.

They include birdwatchers, “tree appreciators” and lovers of flora and fauna that simply doesn’t exist in our rapidly expanding, hard-surfaced suburban region where we are sacrificing greenspace to urban sprawl.

We’re worried about the quality and quantity of well water and streams, the destruction of our natural environment, heavy truck traffic on rural roads, dust and vibrations due to blasting and the strong possibility of contaminated fill ending up in the current quarry site. It is time to ensure that Nelson Lafarge is compelled to restore the 500 acres of destruction, from its last 70 years of operation.

Burlington along with countless municipalities have declared a Climate Emergency due to unprecedented natural disasters and biodiversity loss.

Approving a 124 acre quarry expansion, is NOT in keeping with this goal.

In light of the Province’s recent weakening of 20 pieces of environmental legislation through Bill 197, we will have to fight even harder to preserve the environment.

We object to blowing up the Escarpment for corporate gain. The Escarpment is known internationally for its ecological and natural heritage uniqueness.

A UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve should be protected…. with all our might!

We are asking you to refuse Nelson Lafarge’s application and prevent this “rock giant” from destroying the incredible Niagara Escarpment.

Karen Brock

President, Oakvillegreen