Mulchfest 2016

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Last week was amazing! With the help of hundred of students we spread 42 cu yards of mulch at 13 different locations. Today, hundreds of trees and plants are benefitting from the extra layer of organic matter.

Mulchfest would not have been possible with out the great work and commitment from teachers, principals, parent volunteers and students at all 13 schools. So I would like to thank staff and volunteers at Pine Grove Public School, Ecole Forest Trail, St. Andrew Catholic School, Heritage Glen Public School, Pilgrim Woods Public School, Oakwood Public School, New Central Public School, White Oaks Secondary School, St. John Paul II Catholic School, Munn’s Public School, Abbey Lane Public School and Montclair Public School.

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Small deeds like adding a cover of mulch will help during the hot months to keep in soil moisture, bring back nutrients, increase biodiversity (attracting different insects and other small critters) and improve the health of our urban forests, trees and pollinator gardens.2016-06-17 at 09-46-35

Students learned how to properly mulch trees, making a “donut” around the tree and avoiding the “volcano”, to preserve tree health.

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We had amazing discoveries along the way; like more than 30 mourning cloak caterpillars at Montclair’s school yard. Planting native species pays off! Providing habitat for a huge variety of local fauna.


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Great to see so many small hands rolling up their sleeves, putting on some gardening gloves and working hard to help nature in their community.

Once more, congratulations to all that participated!

We will for sure do it again next year, so stay tuned.