Learning through ‘Discover Your Creek’ Watershed Workshops

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 We were very happy this Fall to be able to offer a unique hands-on learning and community greening opportunity to several elementary and highschool classes in Oakville.

As part of our Discover Your Creek project, students and teachers from Ecole Secondaire Gaetan Gervais, Forest Trail Elementary, and Iroquois Ridge Secondary School headed outside to Oakville’s creeks and urban river valleys to learn first-hand about the issues facing their local watershed. Students learned about the important role floodplains and riparian* vegetation play in protecting water quality, slowing down stormwater runoff and providing ecological habitat and enhancing biodiversity. Several classes joined us to PLANT more than 180 native trees and shrubs, as well as  spread MULCH in nearby creek riparian areas. 

Riparian – the interface between land and a river or stream. Plants along the river margins and banks of a stream are called riparian vegetation. The extent, diversity and quality of riparian vegetation affects the ecological health of our urban watercourses.

If you’re interested in having our education staff visit your school for a presentation, nature walk, or workshop, please see our Education Programs and contact us at programs@oakvillegreen.ca.

Oakvillegreen gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Oakville Environmental Fund at the Oakville Community Foundation, a registered charitable public foundation serving the Oakville Community (www.theocf.org).




Ecole G 2015
The team from Ecole Secondaire Gaétan-Gervais planting trees adjacent to Wellspring Stormwater Management Pond.



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