Help us Build a Pop-Up Pollinator Demonstration Garden!

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Future Home of Oakvillegreen Pop-Up Pollinator Garden!

We are building a Pop-up Pollinator Demonstration Garden just outside the main entrance of Glen Abbey Community Centre this spring! 

We will be transforming a grassy boulevard into a thriving pollinator garden, demonstrating that even a small patch of earth can become an ecologically diverse habitat which supports pollinators and brings the community together to make our Town healthier and greener. Oakvillegreen’s Pop-up Pollinator Demonstration Garden has been developed in partnership with the Town of Oakville and will be maintained by volunteer garden stewards.

Monarch population declines and honey bee losses in recent years are startling! Rather than feeling overwhelmed with all the bad news about pollinators, we hope you will be inspired by our demonstration garden to take action on your own property. Plant native shrubs and flowers that are beneficial for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. 

The Pop-up Pollinator Demonstration Garden will be planted on May 10th beginning at 10 am. If you are interested in volunteering to plant and maintain the garden, please complete our volunteer registration form.

If you can’t help plant our garden, you can still support the project when you shop at Whole Foods!

For the months of April, May and June, when you bring a reusable bag to Whole Foods in Oakville you can choose to donate your 10 cent per bag refund to Oakvillegreen to help our garden grow! 

Join us in the store this Saturday April 18th from 12-2pm for a “Party for the Pollinators” and learn more about native plants and pollinators in Oakville! 

More on Whole Foods Pollinator programs here.

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