Glen Abbey Pollinator Demonstration Garden Installed!

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We recently installed this lovely Pollinator Demonstration Garden just outside the front entrance of the Glen Abbey Community Centre! We hope you’ll stop in for a visit and check back often during the growing season to see the various native plants in bloom. The garden is meant to inspire and instruct. Native plants are critical for pollinators and other biodiversity and they CAN easily be incorporated into our own yards to create beautiful, interesting and tidy gardens. We hope you’ll join us to re-nature your yard! 2015-05-10 at 12-32-20


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We thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Town of Oakville and Whole Foods Oakville for their financial support for this project. We also thank all our volunteers, including the girls from CAGIS Oakville and the girl guides from the 19th and 36th Oakville Guide Units and their families for helping us install our garden.

The Glen Abbey Pollinator Demonstration Garden contains the following plants:


  • New Jersey Tea – Ceanothus americana
  • Nannyberry – Viburnum lentago
  • Alternate-leaf Dogwood – Cornus alternifolia
  • Black Chokeberry – Aronia melanocarpa


  • Black Eyed Susan – Rudbeckia hirta
  • Big Leaf Blue Aster – Aster macrophyllus
  • Wild Bergamot – Monarda fistulosa
  • Wild Columbine – Aquilegia canadensis
  • Butterfly Milkweed – Asclepias tuberosa
  • Lanceleaf Coreopsis – Coreopsis lanceolata


  • Indian Grass – Sorghastrum nutans

2015-05-10 at 10-21-52Volunteer Garden Stewards are needed to check up on our Glen Abbey Pollinator Demonstration Garden throughout the season. For a full list of duties and to sign up to be a Volunteer Garden Steward, please click on this link

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