Get Yourself to the Polls!

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Polls are open! We hope you take the time today to vote!

An engaged resident, Julie, of Georgetown, who inspired us with her lawn-free, pollinator garden this spring, sent us a lovely email we’d like to repost here to give you some more incentive to get out and vote today:

“Earth’s human population has surpassed the 7 billion mark. Ponder for a moment what billions of us are doing every day. We fill the air we need to breathe, the ground where we grow our food, our food
itself and the water we need to drink with toxins. We burn combustibles continuously to get around, so we don’t have to do labour ourselves or so that we are never too hot or too cold. We then tell scientists to find out why so many people have asthma, cancer, autoimmune disorders and numerous other diseases. But we already know the answers, don’t we?

If your child tried to:

– eat fruit plucked from a vat of pesticides
– drink from the water downstream of a factory farm or
– walk into a closed garage where a car had been running

you would stop them, because they were in immediate danger. If you consider that Earth is essentially a closed system, at what point will the cumulative effects of these toxins change from imminent danger into immediate danger? Think about how many people you personally know who are ill, as compared to when you were young. So why are we waiting until our children are counted amongst these statistics?

On October 19th, we all have the opportunity to cast our vote. A vote for healthy food, clean water, public health care and serious action on climate change.

There are many groups that have compiled the federal party positions on all these vital topics.

Here are a few to get you started:


The World Health Organization has listed glyphosate, a pesticide used on most genetically modified crops, as a probable carcinogen. They have also posted a report from Argentinian physicians

which correlates genetically modified crops and glyphosate with increased incidents of birth defects, miscarriages, toxic liver disease, neurological developmental problems in children, kidney failure, respiratory problems, and allergies. Glyphosate is sprayed on many non-organic food crops, particularly ones that are genetically modified.

Party positions on genetically modified organisms :


Your Guide to Water and the Federal Election:


The Ontario Health Coalition website has a chart detailing the federal parties’ positions on 4 key health care issues, which are to: sign the Health Accord, stop privatization, create a national drug program (pharmacare) and improve senior’s care.


Environmental Defense and Équiterre posted the following report on the federal parties’ positions on climate change:

Think about our children’s earnest, shining little faces as they recycle, turn off lights, plant nature gardens and trees, certain that they are helping save the world. And tonight, when you peek in on your sleeping children, please think about the following: Their innocent, peaceful slumber is due to their belief that we will do anything to protect them. Let’s vote to make their beliefs a reality.  Sincerely, Julie Power”