First Depave in Oakville!

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During the month of October Oakvillegreen was busy with a new and exciting project. With support and guidance from Green Communities Canada and funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, we were able to complete our first Depave Paradise in Oakville at the Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre.

With help from amazing volunteers from the community, we removed almost 100m2 of unutilized asphalt and turned it into a green space that now is home to native species and will provide a nice space for all to enjoy.

Michelle Knoll, working hard to beautify her Neighbuorhood Centre!


Michelle Knoll from Oak Park is always looking to improve her community and we were super excited to be invited to help complete her dream of transforming the space and provide a bit more of green for the Neighbourhood Centre users. She was not only involved in planning but was ready to get dirty with us and was involved in every aspect of the project.






We were extremely lucky to have knowledgeable volunteers that helped every step of the Depave; from pre-cutting the asphalt, sharing their expertise, removing it, digging, planting, mulching, watering. As always volunteers have made this project possible.

We want to thank all OCA Youth stewards that participated in the event (Bashshar, Shirin, Kayla, Montse), it was great seeing how hard they worked, even though it was tough at times, they never hesitated.

There were members of the after school program at Oak Park and their families that were enthusiastic to help revitalize the space they enjoy. They were eager to help and worked hard to transform their Centre.

It was great to count with some of our regular volunteers that keep helping us green our beloved Town. Gerald, Ayesha and family and many more.

Thank you everyone! Keep the Green Work!