Care about preserving healthy trees in Oakville?

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Show your support for the Proposed Private Tree Bylaw today!
Council will vote Monday May 1st on whether to adopt the updated private tree bylaw. Please show your support!
  1. Send a note to your Councillor by April 30th, to say you support the updated private tree bylaw. Email Council at or use the links here to connect with the Mayor and individual Members of Council.
  2. Attend the Council meeting on May 1st in person, to show you care about preserving healthy trees in Oakville. DETAILS: MAY 1st 7pm, Council Chambers, Town Hall, 1225 Trafalgar Rd.
  3. Please consider sharing your support for the updated bylaw by submitting written comments to Council or registering to speak at the meeting. Delegations to Council meetings must be registered with the Clerk’s department no later than noon on May 1st. Email: to submit your comments or let them know you wish to speak or make a presentation.
A staff report and text of the proposed bylaw were presented on April 24th to the Community Services Committee. The agenda and staff reports can be found here
Oakvillegreen has long advocated for substantive changes to our current ineffective private tree bylaw and many of you have joined us over the past 3+ years in making this case to staff and council.
Our main concern has been the steady removal of healthy trees without any form of compensation through the current Notification Form process. Based on Notification Forms received by the town, more than 435,000 sqm or 43 ha (107 acres) of Oakville’s healthy tree canopy has been lost since 2009. Staff have also reported that there has been a doubling of tree removals in the first four months of 2017 compared to previous years. 
We’ve reviewed the proposed updated bylaw and are pleased with all the recent changes, especially the public signage required for permits, the revised definition of ‘emergency work’ and emergency work exemptions, as well as the regulated tree size (15 cm dbh), the removal of the notification process completely, and the compensation requirements and permit fees. The additional staff required to support the bylaw and inspect trees prior to permitting was approved as part of the 2017 budget.

We cannot have any further delay!

We hope you’ll join us in making a strong show of support for the swift adoption of the updated Private Tree Bylaw by Council on May 1st!

You can find our previous comments on the current private tree bylaw here.