Backyard Tree Planting Program

Is your backyard looking sad and empty? Are you wishing you had your very own shady place to escape the summer heat? Want to support bees, butterflies and other native biodiversity? Then we have great news for you! 

Oakvillegreen is partnering with LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) to offer a subsidized backyard tree planting program in Oakville! The program is available to all Oakville residents.

Homeowners will have the chance to meet with an arborist to discuss their tree planting options, and choose native trees or shrubs for their backyard. Trees are delivered and planted by knowledgeable staff at an affordable price.

You can sign up for the program at anytime – LEAF will contact you in the spring to book your consultation!

The LEAF backyard tree planting program began in 1996 and now plants ~1300 trees and shrubs every year in Toronto, York and Ajax. They believe that interacting with homeowners to educate them about tree care and planting the right tree in the right place are key ingredients to their success. By consulting with homeowners, LEAF arborists can understand their preferences and suggest native species that are best suited to the yard’s soil, light, and moisture conditions and the amount of space available. This ensures that the tree will thrive there for many years to come.

The LEAF program offers both a full-service and Do-It-Yourself option. The full service includes an on-site consultation with an arborist, tree delivery and planting, and tree care information. Through the Do-It-Yourself option, LEAF provides a virtual consultation with an arborist, tree delivery and tree care information, but homeowners plant their tree(s) themselves. Fall consultations have been completed and spring consultations will begin in March 2018. Fall planting is happening in the next week! Planting will continue in the spring, between April and June 2018.

We know that trees provide us with so many benefits, including cleaner air and water, flood prevention, energy savings, shade and increased property values, just to name a few. With the customized advice you receive through the LEAF program, you can maximize those benefits and ensure that your contribution to Oakville’s urban forest will last for a lifetime.

LEAF trees ready for planting

LEAF shrub bundles are available in Oakville too. Planting a variety of native shrub species can provide pollinators the food and habitat they need throughout the growing season, and will add beauty to any yard. Shrubs are also a great choice for smaller spaces that can’t accommodate a large tree. Visit to view the shrub bundles available this year.

For more information on the program, visit, email or download our FAQ page.

Click here to download the list of species available for planting.

The Backyard Tree Planting Program in Oakville is generously supported by: