Backyard Tree Planting Program Update

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Thank you Oakville for letting us plant trees with you!

We are gearing up for another great planting season, we have a new coordinator, and we have lots of tree-riffic events planned!

Our Backyard Tree Planting Program has experienced tremendous success in 2018. We are on track to exceed our target of planting 80 trees by the end of the year, with more than 65 trees and 70 shrubs already planted. In addition to helping Oakville residents realize their goals of enhancing local biodiversity, conserving energy, providing wildlife habitat, and increasing property value, the trees planted through the Backyard Tree Planting Program will sequester over 340,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide over their lifetimes – roughly equivalent to the annual carbon footprint of 26 households! As the fall planting season begins, we are excited to continue fostering biodiversity and contributing to a stronger, healthier urban forest in Oakville.

The pilot year of the BYTP program was made possible by a $75,000 SEED grant provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The Oakville BYTP program is able to continue in fall 2018 thanks to additional funding approved through the 2018 Town of Oakville budget process.


As we jump into a busy autumn of planting, backyard consultations and tree tours, we are also pleased to welcome Ryan Kaiser as the new coordinator of the Backyard Tree Planting Program! Ryan graduated from the University of Toronto’s Master of Forest Conservation Program in June 2018. During his time at U of T, Ryan collaborated with local community organizations in endeavours to promote proactive planning and management of Toronto’s green infrastructure, and engage the community in stewardship of the urban forest.

Be sure to join us at one of the great events planned for the fall to meet Ryan and learn more about the Backyard Tree Planting program!

Join us at Forster Park on October 2nd for our Autumn Tree Tour, and at Pelee Woods on October 13th for our Community Tree Planting Event.