2014-09-02 at 07-03-06 - Version 2Executive Director: Giuliana Casimirri

Giuliana Casimirri has a PhD in collaborative forest management from the University of Toronto, a Masters degree in Forest Conservation and a variety of field ecology and community-based urban greening experience. Giuliana has researched and written about cross-cultural collaboration and community forestry in boreal and tropical forests and has participated in intergovernmental forums on forest conservation, biodiversity and Indigenous Peoples. Most recently Giuliana has worked in Hamilton to coordinate several urban forest inventory and stewardship programs and to build awareness of the need for stronger regulatory tools and collaborative planning for natural area conservation and enhancement. Giuliana’s email is:


1d53931Education Program Manager: Beatriz Gomez

Beatriz Gomez is joining OCA as the new Tree and Education Program Manager. Beatriz has Masters degrees in Water Management and Education and has designed and delivered environmental education and outreach programs for a variety of audiences in three different countries.

Contact Beatriz to: 1. Book an environmental presentation for your school or community group. 2. Register for an Oakville Youth Stewardship Team event or workshop. 3. Inquire about how we can help you to plant trees/shrubs/pollinator gardens in your schoolyard. Beatriz’ email is:

fullsizerenderTree Planting Program Manager: Lida Bustos

Lida Bustos is an Environmental enthusiast who has over 7 years of experience working with environmental matters ranging from managing conservational projects for a UK based charity to serving as an Environmental Scientist conducting land quality risk assessments for a Global Engineering Company. Lida has a Masters degree in Environmental Analysis and Assessment from Royal Holloway University of London and a diploma in Environmental Science from Birkcbeck University of London. Most recently, Lida has joined Oakvillegreen Conservation Association as the manager of Tree Planting Programs.