Oakvillegreen is a grassroots, non-partisan community organization that was founded in 1999, incorporated in 2000, when Oakville residents Allan Elgar, Linda Elgar, Mike Lansdown, Iris McGee, Hank Rodenburg and Renee Sandelowsky learned about plans to develop 7600 acres of agricultural land north of Dundas.  They shared many concerns about the planning process and the apparent lack of desire to protect our natural heritage – forests, streams, wetlands and wildlife habitat.  Allan, Linda, Mike, Iris, Hank and Renee began to advocate for the protection of North Oakville’s natural environment by insisting on a sound planning process, and working to increase public awareness.  They did research, and called on the help of experts. They engaged many hundreds of Oakville residents, and with their help and support, were successful in protecting 1/3 of the area slated for development.  Where staff originally said such protection would require the purchase of the land at a cost of $232 million, protection was accomplished by zoning and through dedication of lands by the Province, at virtually no cost to the taxpayer. The resulting Natural Heritage System is the first of its kind in the GTA, and provides a valuable model for other communities as they grow.

Although the original directors have retired, they have passed on a tremendously successful advocacy organization that continues to play an important role in our community.  Click here to see Our Accomplishments.