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Sustainable Holidays

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Now that the Holidays are approaching there are many ways to keep your environmental resolutions.  Make your holidays more meaningful by following these suggestions:

  • Be more creative; make your own Christmas decorations
  • Use less or non wrapping paper (use recycled materials, ribbon, cardboard boxes)
  • Give fair-trade gifts and waste-free presents
  • Buy local
  • Pay more attention to the social and environmental quality or your purchases

Remember the true meaning of the Holidays and don’t get gripped in a frenzy of consumption.

Cool Down This Winter

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As a Conservation Association, Oakvillegreen is always trying to find ways to help “green” our community. We want to give you some easy steps to green your life and start taking actions towards a more sustainable life.

If you are looking for ideas to lower your bills, reduce your energy consumption and ecological footprint;  here is an opportunity. Winter is here for a while and we all want to stay warm, so we tend to overheat our houses, offices, schools, etc. Use your heat wisely and insulate.

Our homes are responsible for an important amount of the carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere that are causing climate change. Today you can make a difference by turning down your heating by 1C.    Just by turning your heating down 1C you can save 300kg of carbon dioxide per year and up to 10% off your bill.

If  you want to go one step further, You can install a programmable thermostat and save an estimate of 10% on your heating and cooling costs.

Bronte Creek Workshop: Winter Ecology (Trout Unlimited Canada)

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Curious about the animals that use and live in the creek? Learn about their unique connection. RSVP required.